25 Fun Facts About George Washington

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25 Fun Facts About George Washington

  1. Brewed his own beer at Mount Vernon.
  2. Started farming at age 16.
  3. Grew cannabis at his plantation.Grew cannabis at his plantation.
  4. Loved ice cream and nuts.
  5. Never lived in Washington, D.C.
  6. First American mule breeder.
  7. Had a deep love for dogs.
  8. Carried a portable sundial.
  1. Enjoyed fox hunting.
  2. Was an expert horseman.
  3. Lost his first election.
  4. Disliked being painted or sculpted.
  5. Preferred staying at inns.
  6. Learned surveying from practical experience.
  7. Never chopped down the cherry tree.

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1. He led a crucial Delaware River crossing in 1776.

This daring maneuver occurred on Christmas night and was a pivotal moment in the Revolutionary War.

The successful crossing led to a surprise attack on Hessian forces in Trenton, New Jersey. This victory was crucial in boosting the morale of the American troops.

2. He was raised on a Virginia plantation with limited education.

Washington received his early education at home and in a small schoolhouse.

Despite the limited formal schooling, he learned mathematics, surveying, and the basics of gentlemanly conduct. This foundational education was typical for young men of his social class in colonial America.

3. Washington worked as a surveyor before joining the military.

His first profession was as a land surveyor, a valuable skill on the colonial frontier.

He began surveying at age 17, earning a substantial income from it. Surveying also gave him a profound understanding of land and geography, which later aided his military strategies.

4. He served in the Virginia militia during the French and Indian War.

Virginia militia hero 🎖️🍃

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His military career began with his involvement in the conflict between British and French forces in North America.

His experiences during this war provided him with crucial military skills and reputation. Washington’s leadership and bravery in battles established him as a competent military leader.

5. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732, in Virginia.

His birthplace was Westmoreland County, in the British colony of Virginia.

He grew up in a moderately prosperous family that owned a tobacco plantation. Washington’s early life on the plantation influenced his later leadership style.

6. He died on December 14, 1799, at Mount Vernon.

His death was due to a throat infection and ensuing complications.

Washington’s passing was mourned nationwide, marking the end of an era. He is buried at his beloved Mount Vernon estate.

7. Washington became the Continental Army’s Commander-in-Chief in 1775.

His appointment came at the Second Continental Congress amidst the growing American Revolution.

He led the army in a grueling six-year battle for independence against British forces. Washington’s leadership was marked by his resilience and strategic acumen.

8. George married widow Martha Dandridge Custis in 1759.

Martha Dandridge
George weds Martha 💍👰🏼🤵🏻

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Martha was a wealthy widow with two children when they married.

This marriage greatly increased Washington’s property holdings and social standing. Their union also brought him into the higher echelons of Virginia’s colonial society.

9. George endured the harsh winter at Valley Forge (1777-1778).

The winter at Valley Forge was a testing time for the Continental Army, suffering from cold, hunger, and disease.

Washington’s leadership and the training provided by Baron von Steuben were instrumental in keeping the army intact. His ability to maintain the army’s morale under such dire conditions is highly regarded in American history.

10. What did George Washington do?

George Washington was a Founding Father and the first President of the United States.

He played a crucial role in the American Revolutionary War, led the Continental Army, and presided over the Constitutional Convention.

11. He was unanimously elected the first U.S. President in 1789.

Washington’s election was a testament to his widespread popularity and respect.

He set many precedents for the office during his presidency. His actions in office helped establish the executive branch’s nature and powers.

12. His leadership secured victory at Yorktown in 1781, which is one of intriguing fun facts about George Washington.

The Siege of Yorktown proved to be the final major battle of the Revolutionary War.

Washington’s strategy, in alliance with French forces, trapped British General Cornwallis and forced his surrender. This victory effectively ended major fighting in North America.

13. George served two terms as president, from 1789 to 1797.

His presidency was marked by efforts to establish a stable and unified national government.

He focused on foreign policy, the economy, and the country’s internal infrastructure. His leadership style as president was characterized by pragmatism and a strong sense of duty.

14. He issued the Neutrality Proclamation in 1793.

The proclamation asserted American neutrality in the conflicts between France and Britain.

It was a significant step in establishing American foreign policy principles. This decision helped the young nation avoid entanglement in European wars.

15. Washington’s Farewell Address warned against foreign alliances and parties.

Delivered in 1796, the address emphasized national unity and independence in international affairs.

It also cautioned against the divisive nature of political parties. The address remains a significant statement on American political values.

16. He owned and later freed his slaves upon his death.

man's hand and chains
George liberates slaves 🤝🔗📜

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Washington’s views on slavery evolved over his lifetime.

In his will, he made provisions for the emancipation of his slaves, a rare act among the founding fathers. This decision reflected his complex views towards slavery in his later years.

17. Washington was the only president not affiliated with a political party.

He believed that political parties would divide the nation.

His presidency set a standard for non-partisan leadership. He feared the divisive impact of factions on the unity of the nation.

18. He led troops to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794.

The rebellion was a protest against the federal excise tax on whiskey.

Washington’s decisive action in leading federal troops demonstrated the power and authority of the federal government. It established a precedent for federal law enforcement.

19. Washington is often called the Father of His Country.

This title reflects his pivotal role in the founding of the United States.

His leadership in the Revolutionary War and as president established a legacy of unity and democratic principles. He is revered as a key figure in the nation’s founding mythology.

20. He inherited Mount Vernon from his brother Lawrence.

Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon legacy 🏰🌳🏞️

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Mount Vernon was initially owned by his older brother, Lawrence, who passed away in 1752.

Washington gradually expanded the property into a large and prosperous estate. He transformed Mount Vernon into a model of innovative farming and efficiency.

21. He was the only president to serve outside Washington, D.C.

His presidency was before the establishment of Washington, D.C., as the national capital.

New York City and then Philadelphia served as the nation’s capital during his terms. His leadership during this formative period was crucial in shaping the early United States.

22. Washington stood around 6 feet 2 inches tall.

His height was notably above average for his time.

This physical presence added to his commanding persona. His stature was often remarked upon by his contemporaries.

23. His false teeth were made of ivory, not wood.

Contrary to popular belief, his dentures were made from various materials, including human teeth.

The myth of wooden teeth likely arose due to the worn appearance of his ivory dentures. Dental challenges were a constant issue throughout his life.

1 U.S. dollar banknote on white surface : Fun Facts About George Washington
George on bills & coins 💵🇺🇸🖼️

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His image symbolizes his central role in American history and values.

The use of his likeness in currency began in the 19th century. This iconic representation cements his legacy in everyday American life.

25. The state of Washington is named after him.

It is the only U.S. state named after a president.

The naming reflects Washington’s immense influence and respect in the early United States. This honor underscores his enduring legacy in American history.


During the Revolutionary War, George Washington served as the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. His leadership was instrumental in the American colonies gaining independence from British rule.

George Washington Carver, the renowned agricultural scientist, was born on July 12, 1864.

George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, in 1732. He is closely associated with Virginia, and Mount Vernon was his plantation home.

George Washington lived at Mount Vernon, a plantation located on the banks of the Potomac River in Virginia. It became his primary residence and a symbol of American history.

George Washington’s biography includes his early life, military leadership, presidency, and contributions to the formation of the United States. He is revered as a key figure in American history and a symbol of leadership and integrity.

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