20 BTS Sad Facts That Will Make You Cry

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20 BTS Sad Facts That Will Make You Cry

  1. BTS could not hold concerts in 2020 due to the pandemic, leading to lost opportunities for the group and their fans.
  2. BTS often gets hate comments from netizens, making them feel down and hurting their self-esteem.
  3. BTS was once criticized for not having enough “Koreanness” in their songs.
  4. BTS has not been able to see their families for long periods due to their busy schedules.
  5. BTS had to live in a tiny, cramped dorm with no privacy during their early days as an idol group.
  6. BTS’s leader, RM, suffered from severe depression and suicidal thoughts during BTS’s early years.
  7. BTS member Suga has had to struggle with many physical health issues throughout his career.
  1. BTS was the subject of intense cyberbullying and online hate during their early days.
  2. BTS’s label, Big Hit Entertainment, was nearly bankrupt before BTS debuted, and it took BTS’s success to save the company.
  3. BTS Sad Facts: Struggling with the Language Barrier Since Debut
  4. BTS member Jungkook was seriously injured in 2017 while filming a music video.
  5. BTS’s popularity has led to them being targeted and harassed by sasaeng fans.
  6. BTS’s success has made it difficult for the members to lead a “normal” life.
  7. BTS has been accused of “appropriating” other cultures for their music and fashion.
  8. BTS member J-Hope originally wanted to pursue a career in dance.

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1. In 2013, an interviewer disrespected RM.

The interviewer told BTS they were not hip-hop. The interviewer disrespected RM and told him that the music they make just has rap in it and that does not make it hip-hop.

After hard work, they created their genre and are loved all over the world.

2. American hustle life show was a hard start for BTS.

Struggling to Adapt: BTS’ Tough Beginnings on American Hustle Life Show.

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Nowadays BTS concerts sell their tickets within a matter of seconds because of the huge worldwide fanbase.

But back in the day when they were filming their reality show American hustle life, BTS wasn’t able to give away tickets to their free concerts.

3. RM was asked to leave BTS.

Rm once revealed that one of the most hurtful things someone ever said to him was to leave Bangtan Boys. Now the tides have changed, and he can be the leader of BTS as long as he wants to.

RM was so conscious about his appearance that he wore glasses in the no more dreams era.

4. Jung Ho-Seok or J-Hope’s father discouraged him from practicing dance.

J-hope’s journey to BTS was not without obstacles. His father initially disapproved of his decision to pursue dance, but fortunately, his mother supported him financially by working abroad.

This support was crucial, as J-hope may not have become a member of BTS otherwise. This is one of the many BTS sad facts that reflect the struggles the group had to overcome.

He struggled so much during his trainee days that he dropped out from the debut lineup.

5. V used to watch the other six members performing while he sat lonely.

V watching BTS members perform alone portrays their struggles. Image highlights loneliness faced by the group. #BTSSadFacts
Lonely Watching: V’s Struggle Before Joining BTS

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V would sit by the trash can and watch while his fellow members were making good performances. He cried a lot when he received a letter saying that he was accepted into BTS.

V used to practice filming logs so that after becoming a member, he could do a lot of vlogs.

6. Jin’s experience with discouragement from his elders.

Jin’s mom’s friend would brag about her son’s success. Jin auditioned because he wanted his mother to be proud of her son but on debut, Jin cried because he was disappointed with his performance.

7. Suga’s parents also showed strong disapproval of singing.

Suga’s parents never supported his music dream. They even disposed of his lyric papers so he could focus on school. As a result, Suga suffered from severe depression and anxiety on his journey in pursuing his music career.

Sometimes he had to choose between food and transport.

8. Even appendicitis didn’t stop Suga from performing.

In 2013, he forced himself to participate in promotions while he had appendicitis. When he was in the hospital, he continued working on his school love affairs such as his dedication to his work and his goals.

Once Suga tried to sell his songs for 9 USD dollars to buy food.

9. Jimin worked hard throughout his life to achieve his dancing dream.

Despite Jimin’s passion for dance, he faced many obstacles on his journey to success. One of these BTS sad facts is that he struggled with self-confidence and even went on a strict diet to fit the industry’s beauty standards.

Despite all of his hard work, he was almost cut from BTS several times as a trainee which put him under a lot of stress.

10. Jimin from BTS used to call himself a fat pig.

Jimin had a hard time with his body image. He called himself a fat pig due to his insecurity. Jimin would go on extreme diets to look good for his fans. After the other BTS members and fans shared their concerns, he avoided extreme diets.

11. Jungkook cannot control his emotions when He Talks.

Jungkook wears his heart on his sleeve and can’t hide his emotions when he speaks. #BTS #Jungkook

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Jungkook explained that because he was always alone when he meets people, he feels like he isn’t sincere around people. He cries easily when talking but can listen without crying.

He admitted on the radio show that I am okay when I listen, but he can’t control his feelings when I talk.

12. BTS almost disbanded in 2018, one of the many BTS sad facts that fans may not know about.

During MAMA Awards 2018, Jin revealed that they had been planning to disband when they were announced as winners of the Artist of the Year award.

Jin dropped a bombshell saying we had a hard time mentally at the year’s inception and we thought of disbanding while talking to each other.

13. The exhaustion of the members during performances.

The long hours of rehearsal cause extreme fatigue. During an interview with BBC Radio, one BTS member revealed their intense schedules before performances and tours.

Footage from the Japan concert tour of 2019 showed how exhausted the members were on stage and they still had to perform 24 songs.

14. Jungkook performed on a stage with horrible back pain.

The back pain got so worse during the 2018 MAMA Awards that he was too weak to receive his award.

Jimin also missed Graham Norton’s live interview because he was suffering from severe muscle pain in his neck and back that required medical attention.

15. The popularity of BTS is hurting BTS’s personal lives.

The life that comes with being worldwide famous is not that exciting. BTS can’t go out as they used to hang out with friends or families in public or even go on a vacation without fearing for their safety.

The fame has made stalkers who follow them everywhere they go.

16. BTS constantly faces backlash on social media.

November 2014 #kickoutjhopesBTS trended on Twitter calling J-hope ugly and untalented. Tony Jones came into the defense of BTS and said everyone is talented and needed.

Jinn stepped up and told Army to cheer up and all of them were working hard.

17. BTS was accused of Sajaegi.

In May 2015, BTS for the first time won a musical award for their song “I need you”. But BTS was accused of SAJAEGI. This is when a company buys back albums to boost external sales records.

During those days the company was barely surviving due to financial constraints.

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18. In July 2015, BTS abruptly called off their concert in New York.

Before the concert, the leading member of BTS, RM was given death threats. All activities related to fans were subsequently canceled. 10 days of the show were put to a halt due to security issues.

RM also received death threats before a show in Mexica later that month.

19. In 2016, people tweeted about misogynistic lyrics from BTS.

The social platform uproar forced BTS members and the company to revise their lyrics. BTS Big Hit Entertainment responded with an apology and promised to do better.

Consequently, BTS has released feminist overtures such as “21st-century girl”. RM says since the incident he looks at the lyrics.

20. InBe-Free insulted Suga and RM by calling them “girls”.

In 2013, a rapper named Be-Free insulted Suga and RM by calling them girls for wearing makeup on stage.

Despite this, BTS continued to pursue their passion and even collaborated with Jason Derulo for the hit song Savage Love.

BTS thanked fans while Jason gave credit to himself for the success.  


What are the most heartbreaking moments in BTS’s career?

Each member of BTS has had their own share of heartbreak, both professionally and personally.
For example, Jungkook was once scouted by seven different agencies before finally joining Big Hit Entertainment.
Similarly, Jin nearly quit the band before they debuted due to financial difficulties.

Why did BTS cancel their world tour?

BTS canceled their world tour due to the ongoing pandemic. The virus has affected many people around the globe, and the band wants to do its part to help prevent its spread. This decision was not easy for them, but they feel it is the right thing to do for their fans, for themselves, and for the world.

What is the BTS members’ opinion on depression and anxiety?

The BTS members have spoken openly about their struggles with mental health in the past, and they have stated that they believe that depression and anxiety are important topics to talk about. They want to raise awareness about these conditions and help people who are struggling with them.

How has BTS’s music helped fans through tough times?

Many fans find BTS’s music comforting and relatable, especially during tough times. The band’s lyrics often deal with personal struggles and universal themes like anxiety, self-doubt, and depression. For many listeners, BTS’s music is a form of catharsis that helps them express their feelings and cope with whatever life throws their way.

What are BTS’s thoughts on suicide?

According to a recent interview with Billboard, BTS member RM said that “suicide is not something that just happens once.” He went on to say that “it’s not something that you can put aside and forget.” The band’s leader, Kim Nam-Joon, also known as Rap Monster, echoed these sentiments, saying that “suicide is something that stays with you forever.”

Who is the saddest member in bts?

There is no single member of BTS that is universally considered to be the saddest. Each of the seven members has had different experiences and life circumstances, so it’s impossible to say who is definitively the saddest.

Who cries the most in bts?

The members of the K-pop group BTS are known for being close and supportive of each other, so it’s difficult to say who cries the most. However, band member Suga has been open about his struggles with mental health issues in his solo music.

Why did bts almost disband?

BTS faced difficulties due to financial struggles and the mental toll of their demanding schedules and pressures of fame. There were discussions about disbanding, but they persevered with hard work and support from their fans. They continued to produce music that resonated with their fans, and today they are one of the biggest music acts in the world.

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