25 Fun Facts About Billie Eilish You May Not Know

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25 Fun Facts About Billie Eilish You May Not Know

  1. Billie Eilish was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 18th, 2001.
  2. Her mother is a former actress, and her father is an alternative musician.
  3. Billie Eilish experienced sleep paralysis and had disrupted sleep patterns.
  4. Billie is the youngest person ever to be nominated for six Grammy Awards in one night and won five of them.
  5. Billie Eilish’s iconic style is defined by her preference for baggy and oversized clothing.
  6. Billie was named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2019.
  7. Eilish is the first artist born in the 21st century to release a chart-topping single.
  8. Billie Eilish’s single “Bad Guy” from the album also topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
  1. Her first single “Ocean Eyes” was released when she was only 13 and went viral.
  2. Billie Eilish’s favorite number is 15
  3. Billie Eilish estimated net worth is $53 million.
  4. She is one of the youngest people to ever be featured on the cover of Vanity Fair.
  5. Billie Eilish has won a Billboard Music Award for her outstanding contributions to music.
  6. Billie collaborates with Gucci and has been the face of their campaign.
  7. Eilish is known for her political activism, focusing on climate change and women’s rights.

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1. Billie Eilish is a self-taught musician.

Billie Eilish, a self-taught musician, gained fame at 13 with her YouTube videos and, by 15, caught major record labels’ attention. Her debut single, “Ocean Eyes,” in 2016, produced by her brother Finneas, marked her unique musical style.

Her first album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”, topped the charts globally in 2019, showcasing her as a global music sensation and highlighting the impact of digital platforms on artist discovery.

2. In 2018, at the age of 17, Billie Eilish released her debut album.

On March 29, 2019, Billie Eilish released her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, which featured the chart-topping hit Bad Guy.

This album marked a significant milestone in her career, as she continued to release captivating songs at the age of 17, solidifying her reputation as a talented artist.

3. Billie Eilish was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

She was raised in a musical household and began writing and producing her songs at a young age. Now, at just eighteen years old, she is one of the most successful young artists in the world.

4. Billie Eilish’s full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell.

 Billie Eilish holding a mic
Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell.

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This interesting factoid about the popular singer’s name might surprise fans – did you know there are more Fun Facts About Billie Eilish’s name? Her birth name is actually Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell.

The ‘Pirate’ moniker was her mother’s idea, inspired by the unique style of her then-unborn child.

5. Billie Eilish’s natural hair color is blonde.

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell, more commonly known as Billie Eilish, is a sensation in the entertainment industry. While she’s known for her bold colors and unique fashion sense, many might be surprised to learn that her natural hair color is blonde.

This American singer has experimented with numerous styles, but her blonde roots remain a testament to her authenticity beneath the dyes and the fashion brands she endorses.

6. Billie’s first job was working at a horse stable.

Before becoming a sensation in the entertainment industry, the talented singer Billie Eilish had humble beginnings. Her first job was working at a horse stable, reflecting her genuine love for animals and possibly foreshadowing her later advocacy for animal rights.

This early chapter, away from the spotlight of music awards, offers a glimpse into her grounded nature.

7. Billie Eilish began writing songs when she was just 11 years old.

From a young age, Billie Eilish showcased her immense talent in the entertainment industry. She began writing songs when she was just 11 years old, a testament to her early passion for music.

This precocious start laid the foundation for her meteoric rise, with hits later dominating Apple Music’s charts and earning her numerous music awards. Her journey from a young songwriter to a global sensation is truly inspiring.

8. She’s a big fan of Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber singing in front of huge crowd
She’s a big fan of Justin Bieber.

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Billie Eilish really likes Justin Bieber. She’s a big fan of his music. Many people know this because she’s talked about it before. It’s cool to see famous singers like her being fans of other artists. It shows that everyone has someone they look up to.

9. Billie has Tourette Syndrome and has spoken about it.

Billie Eilish has been open about living with Tourette Syndrome. It’s a condition that can cause involuntary movements or sounds. By speaking about it, she’s raised awareness and understanding.

Her courage in sharing personal challenges has positively impacted many of her fans, showing them that everyone has their battles to face.

The film starred Jared Leto and Margot Robbie and was a box-office success. Eilish’s hit song Icarus was well-received by audiences and helped contribute to the film’s overall appeal.

11. Billie doesn’t like to be seen smiling in photos.

Billie Eilish prefers not to smile in pictures. She has her style and reasons for it, often choosing a particular facial expression that aligns with her unique fashion style and how she likes to present herself.

It’s a reminder that everyone has their distinctive way of expressing themselves, and this is hers.

12. She doesn’t eat meat and speaks up for animals.

Billie Eilish: Meat-free animal advocate.

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Billie Eilish, a passionate animal lover, doesn’t eat meat and deeply cares about animals. She frequently advocates for animal rights and believes in treating them with kindness.

This advocacy is integral to her identity. She aspires to effect positive change for animals and inspire others to champion the same cause.

13. Her brother, Finneas, helps her make songs.

Billie Eilish and her brother, Finneas, make an incredible team in the entertainment industry. He often helps her create amazing music, showcasing their combined talent.

Together, they’ve crafted hits that top Apple Music’s charts, proving their musical bond is truly special.

14. In 2021, Billie Eilish won two Grammy Awards.

In 2021, Billie Eilish had a remarkable year in the world of music awards, taking home two prestigious Grammy Awards.

This further solidified her place as a leading American singer, drawing immense acclaim from her dedicated fan base and music critics worldwide.

Her unwavering dedication and distinctive style continue to earn her critical acclaim and widespread admiration.

15. Billie has synesthesia, where she sees colors when she hears music.

Billie Eilish possesses a unique trait called synesthesia. When she listens to tunes, she doesn’t just hear them, she sees bold colors associated with the sounds.

This rare condition might play a role in her creative process, influencing her amazing music and how she perceives the world around her.

16. She has homeschooled her entire life.

Billie Eilish poses in a portrait with a black background, capturing the essence of fun facts about Billie Eilish.
She homeschooled throughout her life.

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Education for Billie Eilish was a bit different than for most. She was homeschooled throughout her life, away from the traditional classroom setting.

This personalized education might have given her a unique perspective, allowing her to focus on her passions, like her budding musical career.

17. She’s afraid of the ocean and its vastness.

Billie Eilish has a distinct fear of the ocean and its immense expanse. While many are drawn to the sea’s beauty, its vastness can be overwhelming.

This fear reveals a more vulnerable side of the American singer, reminding fans that even global sensations have their apprehensions.

Her genuine emotions and experiences often find their way into her amazing music, resonating with listeners worldwide.

18. Billie Eilish has said that she is a huge fan of the band Nirvana.

She’s spoken about how much she loves their music and their impact on her life and career. Clearly, Nirvana is a big influence on Billie, and she’s expressed her admiration for them numerous times.

19. Billie Eilish has also cited American singer-songwriter Lorde as one of her biggest influences.

Lorde’s unique voice and lyrics have definitely had an impact on Billie’s music. Did you know some fun facts about Billie Eilish, including that she cites Lorde as one of her biggest inspirations? Not to mention, both artists are incredibly talented and continue to produce amazing music.

20. Billie Eilish wanted to be a dancer when she was younger.

silhouette of woman dancing ballet
Younger Billie Eilish dreamt of dancing.

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When she was younger, Billie Eilish dreamt of being a dancer. But after a while, she realized that she loved music even more.

So, she decided to follow her passion for music instead of pursuing a dancing career. Since then, she’s become incredibly successful in the music world.

21. Her height is 5 feet and 4 inches (1.63m).

Billie Eilish is about 5 feet 4 inches tall, which is around 1.63 meters. That’s a regular height for most people.

But what’s special about her is her amazing musical talent; her height doesn’t change that. She’s become famous for her music, and many people love her songs.

22. Billie Eilish’s favorite color is green.

Every day, she wakes up and sees the world through a green lens. Whether it’s the leaves on the trees or the grass in the park, Billie can’t help but find beauty in the world around her.

23. Billie Eilish’s favorite food is sushi.

The Bad Guy singer loves traditional Japanese food and often posts photos of her sushi meals on social media. Her fans have even spotted her eating sushi at some of her concerts.

24. Billie Eilish’s favorite TV show is The Office.

The Office is known for its quirky and relatable characters who work in a paper company, and the humorous situations they find themselves in.

Billie Eilish, the famous singer, has a favorite TV show: The Office. She absolutely loves this show because it’s funny and incredibly popular. It often brings a big smile to her face and makes her laugh out loud, just like it does for many of its fans.

25. Billie Eilish’s favorite animal is a sloth.

brown animal hanging on tree
Billie Eilish’s favorite: the sloth.

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Billie Eilish really likes sloths, and she thinks they’re super cool. Sloths are her favorite animals because they move slowly and look relaxed.

She finds their slow pace calming and even has some sloth-themed things in her collection.


In an engaging interview with David Letterman’s Netflix series, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” the singer discussed their experiences living and performing with Tourette’s syndrome. It was a thoughtful conversation about finding the strength to keep going despite challenges faced by those inhabiting different realities than most people.

Billie Eilish is an internationally renowned singer, songwriter, and record producer who achieved tremendous success at a young age.

Billie Eilish’s song “Ocean Eyes” made her famous worldwide. It was released in 2016 when she was just 13 years old, becoming a sleeper hit and propelling her to international fame.

Despite being a young artist, Billie Eilish is known for her bold style and fashion statements. She often wears black and green outfits and has stated in multiple interviews that green is her favorite color.

Billie Eilish was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

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