21 Facts About Cricket You May Not Know

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21 Facts About Cricket You May Not Know

  1. Cricket is the second-most popular sport in the world, trailing only soccer in terms of global interest.
  2. Intense matches between India and Pakistan are often termed the biggest rivalry in cricket.
  3. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is renowned as the largest and most lucrative cricket league in history.
  4. The first-ever cricket match to be televised was between England and Australia in 1938.
  5. Sachin Tendulkar was gifted a Ferrari by F1 legend Michael Schumacher.
  6. Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi represented both England and India in cricket.
  7. Kapil Dev, an iconic Indian cricketer, led India to its first World Cup win in 1983.
  1. The international governing body for cricket is the International Cricket Council (ICC).
  2. Chris Gayle, the West Indies opener, is the only batsman to hit a six on the first ball of a test match.
  3. In 1964, Bapu Nadkarni of India set a record by bowling 21 consecutive maiden overs in a cricket match.
  4. Kumar Sangakkara holds the record for the most number of centuries in consecutive World Cup matches.
  5. Cricket has been part of the Commonwealth Games since 1998.
  6. Consecutive balls taken by a bowler to dismiss batsmen are termed as hat-tricks.
  7. Cricket Was Featured Twice in the Olympic Games, in 1900 and 1908.
  8. The first recorded cricket match was in 1646 between Wealden and Chalk in Kent, England.

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1. Cricket originated in England and is now played worldwide in over 100 countries.

Cricket, a sport cherished by many, originates in England, where it first came to life. Over the years, it has spread its wings far and wide, crossing oceans and borders to become a global sensation.

Today, this game is played in over 100 countries worldwide, showcasing its universal appeal.

From the lush fields of England to the dusty pitches in India, the sound of leather meeting willow resonates in diverse landscapes, uniting people in the spirit of competition and camaraderie.

2. The first-ever recorded cricket match was played in 1646.

Back in 1646, a significant event marked the beginning of cricket history. The first ever recorded cricket match took place, setting the stage for the evolution of the sport we enjoy today.

This early version of cricket, played at Coxheath in Kent, was quite different from the modern game.

It’s fascinating to realize the deep roots of cricket, tracing back to this historic match between two teams in Coxheath, laying the groundwork for centuries of cricketing tradition.

3. The longest-ever cricket match was ten days long.

This record-breaking match was between England and South Africa. It began on March 39th, 1998, and ended on April 7th, 1998.

4. The record for the highest runs in an over is 77.

a man holding a bat and wearing a helmet
The highest runs in an over is 77.

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Many think 36 runs is the most you can get in an over. But guess what? The record is actually 77 runs. This happened because of extras like no-balls and wides.

It was during a game in New Zealand, and the batsman was R.H. Vance. He sure had a field day with that bowler.

5. The highest inning total ever scored by a team is 636-8.

The record for a team’s highest inning total ever scored belongs to England. On August 29th, 1876, the British cricket team set the bar high with a 636–8 total against Australia.

Even now, over 140 years later, their record still stands.

6. Cricket is played in three main formats.

The three main formats of cricket, Test cricket, one-day cricket, and Twenty20 cricket, are played on the cricket field.

Test cricket is the most traditional and extended game form, while one-day cricket is a shorter version. Twenty20 cricket is the newest and fastest format of the game.

7. The highest individual inning in Test cricket is 400 runs, not out, by Brian Lara.

Brian Lara’s extraordinary achievement of scoring 400 not out, a record for the highest individual score in a Test innings, was set against England in Antigua during the 4th test in 2004.

His performance at this match not only etched his name in cricket history but also distinguished him as the sole batsman in international Test cricket to have ever crossed the 400-run mark in an innings.

8. In T20 matches, the fastest half-century was scored by Yuvraj Singh from India.

Yuvraj Singh hitting a shot: Fun facts about cricket.
Yuvraj Singh scored the fastest T20 half-century for India.

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Yuvraj Singh from the Indian team created a spectacular record by hitting three fours and seven sixes, including six consecutive sixes in a single over by Stuart Broad, achieving his half-century in just 12 balls.

This swift performance, almost breaking the record for the fastest half-century, captivated everyone as he demolished the opposition’s bowling attack.

9. Ravi Shastri is the first cricket player to hit six sixes in a single over.

Ravi Shastri pulled off something really incredible in cricket. He smashed the cricket ball out of the park six times in just one over. That’s like hitting a home run in baseball six times in a row.

Nobody had ever done this before. Ravi Shastri’s fantastic achievement made him a cricket legend, bringing many cheers and excitement.

10. Lord’s is The oldest cricket ground in the world still in use, founded in 1787.

It was founded in 1787 and has since been the site of countless matches. Every year, visitors from all over come to experience its storied history.

Whether you’re a diehard cricket fan or just looking to explore a piece of living history, Lord’s is worth a visit.

11. W.G. Grace, an English cricketer, is often referred to as the Father of Cricket.

W.G. Grace was a famous cricketer from England. Many people call him the Father of Cricket. He played a long time ago and was really good.

Because of him, cricket became more popular. He’s a big name in the history of the game.

12. The most successful one-day captain is Ricky Ponting from Australia.

Ricky Ponting and some other cricket players sitting on a bench.
Ricky Ponting, Australia’s most successful one-day captain.

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As the captain of the Australian team, Ponting has achieved more than any other cricket captain in the game’s history. Representing the Australian team, Ponting is a true legend of the sport.

13. Sir Don Bradman hit only six sixes throughout his entire cricketing career.

Sir Don Bradman, known as The Don, had a surprise in his stats. Even though he’s one of the best batsmen ever, he hit only six sixes in his whole career.

Yet, he scored loads of runs in other ways, proving you don’t always need big hits to shine.

14. The highest individual ODI score is 264 (not out), made by Rohit Sharma.

Rohit Sharma, the cricketing sensation, etched his name in the record books with a jaw-dropping performance in a One Day International (ODI) match. He faced bowlers for an entire inning and scored a whopping 264 runs, and he didn’t even get out once. That’s like hitting the bullseye in darts over and over again.

This remarkable feat happened in a match, and it’s the highest individual ODI score ever recorded. Rohit Sharma’s outstanding skill and endurance on that memorable day showcased the true essence of cricket, a sport where incredible moments like this one leave fans in awe.

15. Cricket Balls are made from Cork and Leather.

Cricket balls are crafted with a cork core, wrapped in string, and covered in leather. Used in various formats, red balls are for Test cricket, white for limited-overs games and pink for day/night matches.

Their weight and size vary by gender and age group, playing a crucial role in the game’s dynamics and strategy.

16. Bats are traditionally made from willow.

set of Cricket bats on a shelf.
Traditionally, bats are crafted from willow.

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Cricket bats are traditionally made from willow wood, specifically from a type of white willow known as cricket bat willow (Salix alba var. caerulea), prized for its tough, shock-resistant qualities.

The willow is treated with raw linseed oil for protection, ensuring the bat can withstand the high-speed impact of a cricket ball without significant denting or splintering.

17. The highest team total in T20 cricket is 263-5 by Afghanistan against Ireland in 2019.

This outstanding performance highlights the immense talent of the Afghan team, which is sure to be a significant force in international cricket in the years to come.

18. The fastest bowling speed recorded in a test match is 100.2 mph.

Shoaib Akhtar holds the esteemed title of being cricket’s fastest-ever bowler. He delivered an electrifying moment in international cricket when he sent a cricket ball hurtling at an astonishing speed of 161.3 kilometers per hour (100.2 mph) during the 2003 Cricket World Cup match against England.

This remarkable achievement has solidified his legendary status, and no one has surpassed this record-setting pace in the game’s history.

19. The highest individual T20 score is an unbeaten 175 by Chris Gayle.

He is a Jamaican cricketer who plays international cricket for the West Indies. He is generally considered one of the greatest batsmen in the sport’s history.

20. New Zealand women’s team set a record with 490 runs in 2018.

The New Zealand women’s team scored 490 runs in 2018.

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In 2018, the New Zealand women’s cricket team made history by scoring a whopping 490 runs in a single match against Ireland.

This incredible achievement set the record for the highest score in women’s One-Day International cricket.

21. The first Test match century was scored by Charlie Bannerman from Australia in 1877.

Way back in 1877, a cricketer named Charlie Bannerman made history. Playing for Australia, he scored the first-ever Test match century.

It was a big moment for cricket, showing what batsmen could achieve.


Is Cricket owned by AT&T?

The sport Cricket is not owned by AT&T. Cricket Wireless is a prepaid wireless service provider AT&T Mobility LLC owns in the United States. It was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why is it called cricket?

Cricket is a popular sport that originated in England and has since been played in many countries worldwide. The term “cricket” may have come from the Old French word “criquet,” which means a stick or club.

Is Cricket similar to baseball?

Yes, Cricket is similar to baseball in many ways. Both sports involve two teams of players that take turns batting and fielding a ball.

What country invented Cricket?

Cricket is believed to have stemmed from England, which first developed as an informal game played by shepherds and farmhands.

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