28 Fun Facts About Tuesdays That Will Amaze you

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28 Fun Facts About Tuesdays That Will Amaze you

Top Facts About Tuesdays

Random Facts About Tuesdays

  1. Tuesday is one of the oldest days in English, dating back to before 900 AD.
  2. Tuesdays have been considered lucky days in some cultures throughout history.
  3. The traditional Latin name for Tuesday is dies Martis, meaning “Day of Mars” in honor of the Roman god of war.
  4. Some people believe that if you are born on a Tuesday, you will have the power to see ghosts.
  5. Tuesday is considered to be the busiest day of the week in terms of job hunting.
  6. The word “Tuesday” is derived from the Old English word tiwesdaeg, meaning “Tiw’s day.”
  7. Tuesday has also been referred to as “Shrove Tuesday” because of its proximity to Lent in the Christian calendar.
  1. According to research, Tuesday is the least popular day of the week on Facebook.
  2. Tuesday is the most common day for traffic accidents in many parts of the world, according to statistical studies.
  3. Tuesday is also known as “Tiu’s Day” or “Tiw’s Day” which comes from ancient Germanic cultures.
  4. According to the Bible, Tuesday is believed to be the day God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
  5. According to astrology, Tuesday is under the influence of Mars, so it is associated with energy, passion, and aggression.
  6. In Japan, Tuesday is considered an unlucky day for starting something new.
  7. In Ancient Greece, Tuesday was known as Hermaeus and it was believed to be an unlucky day of the week.
  8. Tuesdays are associated with being a good day to start a new habit or business venture due to their favorable astrological influences.

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Fun Facts About Tuesdays

Here are 28 Fun Facts About Tuesdays That Will Amaze you

1. The word “Tuesday comes from Norse Mythology.

The Old English term “Tiwesdaeg,” which roughly translates to “Tiw’s Day,” is where the word “Tuesday” comes from. In Norse mythology, the deity Tiw, sometimes known as Tr, is known for bravery and warfare.

He sacrificed his hand to bind the wolf-like monster.

2. Mars is associated with Tuesday.

Roman god of war, Mars is associated with the word Tiw. In different languages word Tuesday is related to Mars and is derived from the Latin word.

In French the name for Tuesday is Mardi, the Italian word for Tuesday is Martedi, and Martes in Spanish.

3. Ka Youbi (Fire Day) is the word for Tuesday in Japanese.

Ka Youbi is a Japanese word for Tuesday, originating from the root word “Kasei” which means “fire star”. Fire star is associated with the planet Mars which is a red planet.

4. The Wall Street Crash of October 1929 happened on Tuesday.

The Wall Street Crash of October 1929 happened on Tuesday

Black Tuesday refers to the wall street crash of October 1929. The traders traded more than 16 million shares in a single day.

The precipitous drop in Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the post-World War I economic expansion and marked the beginning of the Great Depression.

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5. Tuesday is considered an unlucky day in Spanish regions.

Some people in Spain avoid marrying, going to picnics, and even leaving their houses on that day. Martes is a Spanish word for Tuesday, which derives from the Roman god Marte (Mars).

Tuesday, therefore, connotes death, battle, and bloodshed.

6. Tuesday the 13th is considered as unlucky in Greek and Hispanic traditions.

Due to a series of unfavorable events, Tuesday the 13th is considered as unlucky in Greek and Hispanic traditions. The fall of Constantinople on Tuesday 29 May 1453 to ottomans.

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7. The tragic event of 9/11 happened on Tuesday, 11th September 2001.

The terrorist attacks carried out by Al-Qaeda on Tuesday,11th September 2001 against the United States caused around 3000 causalities.  25000 people got serious and minor injuries.

The terrorists successfully hit World Trade Towers and Pentagon. As a result, the US started the war on terror and invaded Afghanistan.

8. Thai Solar calender has a Pink Tuesday.

Tuesday is symbolized by the color pink in the Thai Solar Calendar. And do you know which heavenly body, on the calendar, stands in for Tuesday? It’s Mars. Tuesday is also the day that is associated with Mangala, the Hindu deity of aggression.

9. Super Tuesday got its name from American Election Day.

vote, voting, voting ballot-3569999.jpg

Tuesday is the election day in America by Law passed in 1845. Elections at the local, State, and National level takes place. Election Day is a national holiday.

The tradition was established to support rural Americans who would travel a whole day to reach polling stations.

10. The first African American president was elected on Tuesday.

Barack Hussein Obama became the first-ever African-American President on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. Finally, the dream of Martin Luther King. Jr got realized.

Barack Obama got elected and he remained in office for two terms from 2008-2016.

11. Tuesday is apparently the most productive day among working days.

Studies have shown Tuesday to be the most productive of working days. On Monday, employees may have to catch up with previous tasks. Moreover, employees build momentum on Monday for the entire week.

So, on Tuesday, employees start to focus on their individual tasks.

12. Tuesday has a special significance in Hinduism.

In Hinduism, Tuesday has a special significance as Hindu followers fast on Tuesday and visit temples to worship their gods; Hanuman, Ganesh, Durga, Kartikeya, and Kali.

Individuals don’t drink liquor and avoid non-veg meals. Moreover, people don’t shave their heads.

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13. Tuesday is considered a lucky day in Judaism.

In many cultures, Tuesday is considered an unfavorable day. But in Judaism, Tuesday is considered a lucky day because in the first chapter of Genesis Tuesday has been mentioned twice as “it was good”.

14. Shrove Tuesday also known as pancake day.

Shrove Tuesday comes before the first day of lent. It is a ritual during which Christians repent for their sins and look for different ways to boost their spiritual life.

The word shrove is derived from the English word shrive, which means to absolve.

15. Allied forces stormed French beaches on Tuesday 6th June 1944.

The allied forces launched Operation Neptune to capture Normandy landings. The operation was the turning point in defeating the German Nazis and the liberation of France.

This victory laid the foundation for allied forces to secure the western front. The code name for the operation was Operation Overload.

16. Once considered a star, Uranus was discovered on Tuesday.

William Herschel was the first one to discover Uranus as a planet on Tuesday, March 13, 1781. Although Uranus was observed before as well, people mistook it for a star due to its slower orbiting speed.

Uranus has 27 moons, and it cannot support life.

17. Record numbers of CVs are submitted on the second day of the week.

A picture about CV that says fun facts about tuesdays

Besides the most productive day of the week, Tuesday is also the day on which the greatest number of CVs are submitted.

The reason for most job applications is that Human Department gets enough time to filter out the most suitable candidates for interview.

18. Tuesday once was the standard release day for music.

Before the dawn of the digital era, music was officially released on Tuesday. The main reason for this is that companies had to deliver music albums physically to stores.

This gave music stores whole weekdays to unpack the musical albums. Now Friday is the official day for a music release.

19. The official day for the Release of video games.

In the US, it is a tradition for video game publishers to release new video games on Tuesdays. It all started with Sega company producing a sequel to its popular game Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Sega called it “Sonic 2sday”. The launch of video games was extremely successful.

20. Patch Tuesday is an opportunity to upgrade your software.

Any bug or a security glitch in software through which a hacker can bypass security needs to be addressed.

To fix such a deficiency, companies like Oracle and Microsoft release a program every second Tuesday of the month which is known as a patch.

21. Stockholm University students scream every Tuesday night.

Lappis Scream: Stockholm University students scream every Tuesday night

Another fun fact about Tuesday is that the student community at Stockholm University has a tradition to scream at sharp 10 p.m. This event is called “Lappis Scream“. every Tuesday.

Students shout for several minutes in order to release the stress caused by academic activities. Anyone is welcome to scream but one must follow guidelines.

22. Tuesday marks the end of a dreadful Monday.

Tuesday is a source of respite for many people because it ends the Monday morning blues. Employees always fear Monday because it ends the happy days of the weekend. Tuesday helps employees build the momentum for weekdays.

23. Reserve Bank of Australia meetings are convened on Tuesday.

The members of the central bank of Australia meet every first Tuesday of the month except January to discuss the monetary policy of the country.

In addition, the reserve bank meets on the second Tuesday of May to discuss the budget since 1994.

24. Hashtag #Tuesday on social media.

Every day of the week has a unique hashtag linked with it on social media platforms.

The most well-liked hashtags for Tuesday include #TechTuesday, which represents things related to digital, #TransformationTuesday is about fitness, #TuesdayTunesday for the release of new music albums.

25. Taco Tuesdays are celebrated in numerous US cities.

The tradition of eating tacos or, in some cases, specific Mexican foods traditionally served in a tortilla on Tuesday nights is known as “Taco Tuesday” and is practiced in other numerous US cities.

Frequently, restaurants may advertise special pricing, such as “$1 fish taco every Tuesday night.”

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26. Easter Tuesday is a public holiday.

Easter Tuesday, the third day of the Easter octave, is a public holiday in various places.

Easter Tuesday is the third day of Eastertide according to the Western Christian liturgical calendar; similarly, Bright Week’s third day according to the Byzantine Rite.

27. There are fewest BBQs on Tuesday.

In contrast to other days of the week, Tuesday had the fewest barbecues, according to a poll conducted in California.

28. Second highest day on which Christmas day occurs.

The day of the week on which Christmas usually falls is Thursday. Tuesday comes in second place.

29. See you next Tuesday.

As we end this list, we will be adding more fun facts about Tuesday, next TUESDAY. Stay tuned!


Tuesdays are a day filled with fun facts and interesting trivia. Did you know that Tuesday is the most common day for press conferences to be held? Or that it is named after the planet Mars, which is fitting since Tuesday is often associated with a burst of energy and productivity?

These are just a few of the many fun facts about Tuesdays that make this day of the week special and worth exploring. So next time you think about the mundane nature of Tuesdays, remember that there are plenty of fun and interesting facts to discover and enjoy.

FAQs : Fun Facts About Tuesdays

What is the lucky color for Tuesday?

Tuesday is related to the planet Mars which is a red planet. This fact makes red a lucky color for Tuesday.

Why is Tuesday a special day?

On Tuesday, Barack Obama was elected as the President of the United State of America. He was the first Black-American to be elected as President. Thus, making Tuesday a special day.

Why is Tuesday the best day of the week?

Many people find relief on Tuesday because it puts an end to the Monday morning blues. Also, employees gain momentum for the rest of the week on Tuesday.

How Tuesday get its name

The word “Tuesday” comes from an Old English term “Tiwesdaeg,” which roughly translates to “Tiw’s Day”.

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