27 Fun Facts About Sunday: Weekend’s Joyous Moments

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27 Fun Facts About Sunday: Weekend’s Joyous Moments

  1. Almost all banks worldwide close on Sundays.
  2. The first Sunday of May is celebrated as World Laughter Day.
  3. In the United States, Sunday is the most popular day for church attendance.
  4. The color associated with Sunday is yellow
  5. The first Sunday in August is recognized as Sisters’ Day in many parts of the world.
  6. Sunday, typically a rest day, is actually the most popular day for marathons worldwide.
  7. People are 30% more likely to visit a library on Sunday than any other weekday.
  8. Majority of Middle Eastern countries working week starts on Sunday instead of Monday.
  1. Astronauts in the International Space Station observe Sunday as their day off too.
  2. On Sundays, more breakfast in bed is served than on any other day.
  3. In 2022, Sunday was the day with the least number of reported crimes globally.
  4. A study found that people are more likely to dream about their work on Sunday nights.
  5. Golf tournaments often end on a Sunday.
  6. Sunday is considered a lucky day to move into a new house in many cultures.
  7. According to an old Irish tradition, it’s bad luck to start a journey on a Sunday.

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New episodes of the popular TV show The Simpsons are broadcast on Sunday evenings. The show, created by Matt Groening, is a satirical portrayal of a dysfunctional American family living in the fictional town of Springfield.

Known for its humor, wit, and social commentary, The Simpsons has become a cultural phenomenon since its debut in 1989, garnering widespread acclaim and a dedicated fan base worldwide.

2. Sunday is the only day of the week named after a celestial body.

Sunday, unlike other days of the week, holds a unique distinction, it’s named after the Sun, a powerful celestial body. This practice has its roots in ancient cultures that revered the Sun as a god, symbolizing warmth, energy, and life.

As this day rolls around every week, it carries a beautiful legacy, serving as a reminder of our enduring connection to the cosmos.

3. Sunday Silence was a famous American racehorse.

Considered an equine legend, Sunday Silence was a renowned American racehorse that made a significant mark in horse racing. 

With his strong stride and spirit, he won numerous races, Drawing in viewers from across the country. He left an indelible impact on the sport, and his achievements continue to inspire aspiring racehorses and jockeys.

4. The term Sunday best originated from people wearing their finest clothes to church on Sundays.

man in blue blazer holding white paper
Sunday’s best originates from wearing top attire to church on Sundays.

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The phrase Sunday best reflects a long-standing tradition where people don their most elegant attire for church services on Sundays. It showcases the respect and reverence individuals hold for their spiritual practices. 

This tradition has significantly influenced our social norms, transcending its religious origin to symbolize dressing up for special occasions in general.

5. In Australia, workers often get paid a higher rate on Sundays.

In Australia, the tradition of Sunday penalty rates highlights the value placed on weekend rest. It’s a unique practice where workers receive a higher pay rate for their Sunday services. 

This arrangement encourages fair compensation for those who sacrifice their leisure time to work, ensuring their efforts don’t go unrewarded. 

6. The term Sunday originates from the Old English word Sunnandæg.

The term Sunday finds its roots in the Old English word Sunnandæg. This linguistic connection reflects the historical significance of the sun in early Germanic cultures, where the day was dedicated to honoring the sun deity.

Over time, as Christianity spread throughout Europe, Sunnandæg became associated with the Christian day of worship, hence its modern-day name, Sunday.

7. In 321 AD, Roman Emperor Constantine made Sunday a day of rest.

Back in 321 AD, Roman Emperor Constantine decided that Sunday should be a day of rest for everyone. However, people who worked on farms had to keep working because their jobs were so important.

8. In Russia, the word for Sunday, воскресенье (voskresenye), means resurrection.

sunday, wordpress, type
In Russia, воскресенье (voskresenye) means resurrection.

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In Russian, the word for Sunday is воскресенье (voskresenye), meaning resurrection, symbolizing the Christian belief in Jesus Christ’s rising from the dead.

In Old Russian, Sunday was also referred to as неделя (nedelya), signifying a free day or day with no work. However, in contemporary usage, неделя denotes week.

9. In the 19th century, the United States had Blue Laws, prohibiting certain activities on Sundays.

Back in the 19th century, Sundays in the United States were governed by Blue Laws, regulations that prohibited certain activities. 

These laws varied by state, but common restrictions included forbidding retail businesses from operating or banning the sale of alcoholic beverages. 

The intention was to preserve the sanctity of the day, ensuring it remained a day of rest and reflection.

10. In Salt Lake City, Utah, it’s illegal to whistle on a Sunday.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, it’s illegal to whistle on a Sunday, with potential fines of up to $1,000 for violators. This obscure law, dating back to the city’s conservative roots, reflects a cultural reverence for the Sabbath day’s tranquility.

Enforcement, however, is rare, and the law’s significance has diminished over time. Yet, it serves as a curious reminder of Salt Lake City’s unique blend of religious tradition and legal regulation, particularly during the winter season when snow-covered streets echo with silence rather than whistling tunes.

11. Easter Sunday, celebrated by Christians worldwide, commemorates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter Sunday holds profound significance for Christians globally, as it marks the cornerstone of their faith: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This sacred observance symbolizes the triumph of life over death and serves as a testament to the central tenet of Christianity.

Celebrated with reverence and joy, Easter Sunday brings believers together in remembrance and renewal, reaffirming their faith in the promise of salvation.

12. Many countries in Europe hold their national and local elections on Sunday.

black and white love print crew neck shirt
European Elections: Many nations vote on Sundays.

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Numerous countries, including European nations like France, Sweden, Germany, and Belgium, alongside non-European ones like Peru, opt to conduct their national and local elections on Sundays.

This choice, whether mandated by law or upheld through longstanding tradition, aims to maximize voter participation by selecting a day when citizens are typically free from work obligations.

13. Sunday roast, a traditional British main meal, has been a custom since the 1700s.

The Sunday Roast is a special culinary tradition in Britain that has been enjoyed since the 1700s. This hearty meal typically includes roasted meat, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and gravy. 

Families across the UK gather around their dining tables every Sunday to partake in this feast. 

14. One of the fun facts about Sunday is that in the Christian tradition, Sunday is considered the Lord’s Day.

For Christians around the globe, Sunday holds deep spiritual significance as the Lord’s Day, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Each Sunday, believers attend church services, engage in prayer, and participate in communal activities to honor this pivotal event. 

15. In the Roman Empire, Sunday was a day of rest for slaves.

The Roman Empire had an insightful practice where Sunday was designated as a day of rest for slaves. This meant even the enslaved had a day off from their laborious routines.

 It’s a sobering thought, imagining how this single day of rest each week would have been a respite in their challenging lives. 

16. In Thailand, Sunday is represented by the color red.

Sunday is associated with the color red in Thailand.

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Thailand’s cultural practices imbue every day of the week with a specific color, and on Sundays, that color is red.

This tradition means that you might see people wearing red clothing on Sundays or notice red items being more prominent in shops and markets.

17. Sunday is linked with the sun god Surya in Hinduism.

In Hinduism, Sunday is intricately connected with the veneration of the sun god Surya. Surya holds a prominent position in Hindu mythology as the deity symbolizing energy, vitality, and enlightenment.

Devotion to Surya on Sundays is deeply rooted in the belief that his radiance brings light to the world, dispels darkness, and bestows blessings upon devotees.

18. Sunday is often the busiest day for calls.

Interestingly, Sunday sees a bustling activity in the world of telecommunication, with a 25% increase in call volumes compared to weekdays. 

This could be people catching up with family, arranging dinner plans, or discussing the week’s events. 

19. An old superstition says that babies born on Sundays will have special powers.

An old belief suggests babies born on Sundays might be gifted with special powers. This isn’t about superhero-style abilities but somewhat heightened qualities such as increased wisdom, exceptional luck, optimism, confidence, creativity, or an affinity for the spiritual world. 

This superstition, while whimsical, points to the unique significance that cultures have long associated with the day of Sunday, even influencing perceptions of life events such as births.

20. Sunday is often the busiest day for online shopping.

person using black tablet computer : Fun Facts About Sunday
Online shopping peaks on Sundays.

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Statistics indicate that Sunday is often the busiest day for online shopping. As the weekend winds down, people have more leisure time to browse and purchase products online. 

For some, it’s a way to prepare for the upcoming week, perhaps ordering groceries, household items, or work supplies.

Others might consider it a fun, relaxing activity to round off the weekend, treating themselves to a new book, fashionable clothing, or the latest tech gadget. 

21. On Black Sunday, April 14, 1935, a severe dust storm in the US Dust Bowl turned day into night.

Black Sunday refers to April 14, 1935, when an intense dust storm dramatically darkened the skies over the US Dust Bowl region. 

The severity of the storm was such that it turned daylight into darkness, affecting people’s ability to conduct their usual Sunday activities. 

One of the fun facts about Sunday is that ice cream finds its sweet spot on Sundays in the United States. That’s when most people choose to indulge in this delightful dessert. It’s not surprising, given Sunday’s relaxed pace and the tradition of sharing a joyful sundae with family and friends.

The increased consumption of ice cream on Sundays adds an extra dollop of enjoyment to the day.

23. People are 20% more likely to back up their computer files on a Sunday than any other day of the week.

When it comes to protecting digital data, Sunday proves to be the most popular day for backing up computer files. People are 20% more likely to perform this important task on Sundays than on any other day of the week. 

This practice aligns with the general tendency to use Sundays for organization and preparation for the upcoming week, reinforcing the importance of maintaining our digital lives along with our physical ones.

24. People are less likely to feel sick or report being sick on Sundays.

man in black t-shirt and black shorts running on road during daytime
Sickness reports drop on Sundays.

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People generally report feeling healthier and less likely to be sick on Sundays. The reasons are multifaceted. For some, it’s the reduced stress levels as work or school commitments ease.

For others, it’s having more time to engage in health-boosting activities such as exercise, relaxation, or cooking nutritious meals. 

25. In Japan, the Tokyo Stock Exchange is closed on Sundays.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan adopts the concept of rest and stays closed on Sundays

This break from the financial hustle gives everyone involved in the market, from investors to brokers, an opportunity to recharge before the busy week ahead.

26. In Finland, children traditionally dress up and go door-to-door on Sunday during the Easter week.

In Finland, a charming tradition unfolds on Sunday during the Easter week. Children dress up in costumes and go door-to-door, much like Halloween in the United States. 

This unique Finnish custom adds a dash of excitement and joy to the day, transforming an ordinary Sunday into a lively, community-centered celebration.

27. The Super Bowl, the NFL’s championship game, occurs on an early February Sunday.

The Super Bowl, the culmination of the NFL season in the U.S., is more than just a game. It’s a cultural phenomenon. Taking place on a Sunday in early February, it gathers millions around TV screens, turning homes into festive arenas. 

From themed decorations to special snacks, the fanfare is all-encompassing. 


In Christian tradition, Sunday is observed as the Lord’s Day because it is believed to be the day Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead, which is mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible. It’s important to note that God didn’t make Sunday. The concept of a seven-day week, with one day set aside for rest and worship, has evolved over time and varies across different cultures and religions.

The concept of Sunday being the first day of the week has its roots in ancient cultures and calendars. Many believe it originated from the Jewish tradition of the Sabbath, which is observed from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. When the seven-day week was adopted by the Romans, they placed Sunday, named for the Sun, at the start of the week to honor its importance. This tradition has continued in many parts of the world, hence Sunday is often regarded as the first day of the week.

Sunday worship holds a significant place in many religious traditions, especially among Christians. It’s believed to be the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, making it a day of joy and celebration. This day of worship offers believers a chance to connect with their faith, reflect on spiritual teachings, and find solace in communal prayers. Additionally, it serves as a reminder of their religious obligations and the moral and ethical values promoted by their faith.

A traditional Sunday roast can be made healthier by choosing lean cuts of meat, roasting or steaming vegetables instead of frying, and limiting the use of high-fat sauces or gravies. Including a variety of vegetables adds beneficial fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, portions should be watched as even healthy foods can contribute to weight gain if consumed in excess. Therefore, a Sunday roast can be a healthy meal with the right choices and moderation.

While Saturday remains the most popular day for weddings, Sunday weddings have been gaining popularity. About 15% of weddings in the United States are held on Sundays. The appeal of a Sunday wedding can be attributed to several factors, including venue availability, cost savings, and the possibility of a relaxed, day-time event.

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