13 Fun Facts About Mondays You Never Knew!

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13 Fun Facts About Mondays You Never Knew!

Top Facts About Mondays

Random Facts About Mondays

  1. Monday is known as “Blue Monday” in many countries, which comes from the phrase “having the Monday blues.”
  2. The name “Monday” comes from Old English and means “the Moon’s day.”
  3. Monday is the most popular day for people to begin their diets in the United States.
  4. In Japan, Monday is considered a lucky day for marriage ceremonies.
  5. In some cultures, it’s believed that whatever you do on Monday will determine how your entire week will go.
  6. Monday is the second-most-hated day of the week, with Friday being the first.
  7. Mondays are the day of the week with the highest productivity levels, according to research by the Harvard Business Review.
  1. Monday is the most popular day to quit a job.
  2. The world’s first traffic light was installed in London on a Monday in 1868.
  3. The average number of emails sent and received on Mondays is the highest.
  4. Monday is the day most people are least likely to take a vacation.
  5. It’s believed that Mondays have the highest divorce rate due to increased stress levels from starting back at work.
  6. Monday is the best day of the week to learn something new, according to recent studies.
  7. The average person spends more time on social media on Mondays than on any other weekday.
  8. Many cities around the world are believed to have special energy on Mondays.

Fun Facts About Mondays

Here are 13 Fun Facts About Mondays

1. Monday is the best day to start the week.

Monday is a great day to start the week.  Here are a few fun facts about Mondays: 
The average person is most productive on Mondays.

Traffic is heaviest on Mondays, so plan your commute accordingly. The most common day for diet starts is Monday.

2. Monday is the most productive day of the week.

Monday is the most productive day of each week. Provides a  fresh start to the week. Most people are least likely to procrastinate on Monday.

People like to achieve their goals on Monday. Most people try to stick to their new year’s resolution on Monday

3. Monday is an unlucky day in most cultures.

In some cultures, Monday is considered a day of bad luck. Studies have shown that people are more likely to be in a bad mood on Mondays. Most people gain weight on Mondays.

The most common day for workplace accidents is Monday. 

4. The day when most people are energized is Monday.

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Monday is a day with great potential and energy. It’s when we must decide how best to use our time and energy. Monday is the beginning of a new week with a lot of motivation

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5. Monday is Often considered BLUE DAY.

Mondays are considered to be a “blue day“. They often result in higher rates of absenteeism from work and school.

6. It is the most hated day of the week.

Most people hate Mondays. Monday is the only day of the week that’s an anagram for a single word, which happens to be “dynamo”.Half of the employees are late to work on Monday.

You look least attractive on Monday

7. Monday is a good day to buy stuff.

Monday is a great day to buy a new car. The market is prone to bullish movements on Monday. Most people do their online shopping on  Monday. People gain more weight on Monday

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8. Monday can also be a boring day.

The productive rate is low among workers on Monday. Employees work for only 3 hours as they are less active. Monday is supposed to be the least rainy day of the week.

People attempt suicide mostly on Mondays.

9. Prophet Muhammad was born on Monday.

Monday is a special day in Islamic tradition. It’s where the prophet Muhammad was born and received his scriptures from God. The Prophet would often fast on Mondays

10. Monday mornings are considered the worst by employees.

Monday mornings are often the worst because most people don’t get enough sleep over the weekend. They wake up feeling exhausted and unable to function normally, which leads them into going through their day at work in a daze while also being less productive than usual.

The Monday blues can be caused by anything from bad vacation schedules or long hours working overtime

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11. Monday is a good day to find motivation.

On Mondays, we face a fresh start to our week. We use this as an opportunity for self-improvement and goal-setting which can help us achieve success in life.

Monday provides us with all sorts of opportunities. Mondays are when we make promises to ourselves. If you find your motivation lacking, try affirmations that will help build a success mindset!

12. It is the most common day to call in sick.

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The most popular day to call in sick is Monday. According to research, 35% of all employees’ fevers happen on this particular Monday. Usually, on Monday people get lazy and unmotivated.

13. Most people get a heart attack on Mondays.

The Monday morning heart attack is a real phenomenon. It’s more likely to happen than any other day of the week. It can be prevented by following a healthy routine and stressing less about starting off each workday with stress-reduction techniques such as mindfulness or meditation.
With so many interesting fun facts about Monday, it’s hard to know where exactly to start!

We’ve tried our best at listing as much important information regarding this day of the week so you have all the necessary details before coming up with an idea of what your plans might be.


Fun Facts About Mondays include the fact that they were once considered unlucky, they can be the most productive day of the week, and they are often associated with the start of a new week and a fresh start.

It’s interesting to think about all the unique aspects of this day and how it is perceived by people around the world. Despite any negative connotations it may have, Monday can be a fun and exciting day if we choose to make it so.

FAQs : Fun Facts About Mondays

What is Monday?

Monday is the day of the week between Sunday and Tuesday. Monday is named after the Moon in many cultures.

Where does Monday come from?

Monday comes from the Moon. In many cultures, Monday is named after the Moon.

Why is Monday called Monday?

Monday is called Monday because the name comes from “Moon”. In many cultures, Monday is named after the Moon.

How do you say Monday in French?

Monday is lundi in French.

What is the Monday effect?

The Monday effect is a phenomenon where people are more likely to experience negative emotions on Mondays than on any other day of the week.

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